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Stay in control of your subscription payments

Subzero gives a unique virtual debit card for every subscription, bringing all your recurring payments in one place so that you can stay in control.

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How it works


Create a new virtual card with a tap of a button


Set your rules: monthly limit or one-time use


Get insights into your recurring payments


Cancel subscriptions with a tap of a button

All your subscriptions
in one place

87% of people forget their subscriptions. With Subzero, your subscriptions are in one place giving you better insights – see due dates & get notified of upcoming subscriptions with simple controls to stop paying for what you don’t use.

Save cost and stay secure with simple controls

Set payment limits for recurring payments and never get worried about being overcharged or another credit card breach. Create one-time use cards for purchases or that one-month free trial you might forget to cancel.


Cancellation has never been easy

Tired of your monthly yoga pants subscription? Or a one-month "free" trial that lasted four months? Just freeze or deactivate that card number with a tap of a button. It's that easy.

Get notified of upcoming payments

Get notifications on upcoming payments, transactions, or an overcharge that didn't go through.

Unlimited customizable cards

Create any number of virtual cards, give it a name and color. These cards can be used anywhere debit cards are accepted.

No bank switching needed

Subzero is not a bank, so you don't need to worry about switching banks. Just connect your bank account or card to Subzero, and you are set.

Add cards to Apple pay & Google pay

Use Apple or Google pay to make payments? No worries. You can add Subzero virtual cards to your Apple and Google Pay wallets.